PLEASE NOTE – The 2016 “live” marathon has been postponed as we restructure our event to make it even better. Please stay tuned for more information. You may read about this change in our blog.
In the meantime, please help us continue to bring attention to our heroes and their families by signing up for our HERITAGE SERIES Virtual Races!

The Army Marathon—”Staff Ride Heritage Series”

The Army Marathon proudly presents The Army Marathon – “Staff Ride Heritage Series”. This year marks a new initiative for The Army Marathon. After significant successes in our first three traditional marathons, we are adding a new format – This event, The Army Marathon – “Staff Ride Heritage Series” will be a virtual race. Besides being exciting, the new approach will also bolster our foundation goals and:

  • Include more runners around the world who can’t get to Texas for a live race.
  • Raise more funds for our benefiting charities, the REAL goal of The Army Marathon.
  • Bring to life our country’s military history in a fun, interactive format written by well known and highly regarded military historians. This is the virtual “Staff Ride” used by commanders all over our military to bring to life the lessons of war to our subordinate commanders.
  • Increase our ability to reach our men and women deployed outside of our country or even deployed in the field within our own borders.
  • Allow participants of any age or ability to run the marathon distance while helping our Heroes and earning a medal for their participation.

As always, money raised through the races and other events will be contributed to multiple qualified military charities at the direction of The Army Marathon advisory group.


A huge THANK YOU to all the organizers, volunteers, law enforcement personnel, medical personnel, etc. – you guys ROCK!!! Thank you for making my first full marathon in less than ideal conditions a GREAT experience!! Looking forward to next year!