Welcome To The Army Marathon Blog!

by Ed Bandas

Howdy friends!

Welcome to the first post on our new blog page! Our intent is to share information we think you would find interesting about The Army Marathon. We welcome your input also – just send us an email to and we will either answer you directly if your question is specific to you or we will incorporate it into a blog post since we are sure that other people might want to know the answer to your broader questions as well.

If you know of any motivational stories or people you would like to see covered, mention it to us and we would love to try to expose great stories that deserve to be heard!

We will also be posting some information about inspirational people, topics that are relevant to running and the industry, motivating stories about some charities and the people they help, and other things that will hopefully bring a smile to your face and a spring in your step. We will also have guest bloggers from time to time that we think can contribute to the overall accomplishment of our mission or the overall motivation of our runners! This includes patriotic topics because certainly one of the reasons you are reading this is because you share a common belief in the greatness of our country, our ideals and our people!

What we won’t do: we won’t comment on politics or religion. We won’t post material that pokes fun at any of our services since the charities we hope to serve also serve all of our branches of military. And we will stay away from anything controversial that you can find on the cable news networks every day anyway.