Veterans Day: Honoring ALL Who Served

by Mark Shilling

As I write this, I am preparing for two Veterans Day speeches I have been invited to deliver. I am reminded of certain memories that no soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine will forget; what is was like on the first day of boot camp, graduation day from boot camp, certain friends and adventures that have become a part of our lives even after our service. Every one of us is forever changed by these experiences regardless of when you served.

To all of our veterans and active duty friends, I say thank you from my very soul. Even though I wore the uniform as a United States Marine, I feel indebted to all of you who continue to carry the load of our nation as well as those who came before us. You all served our country at our behest, suffered and sacrificed much, and lost some good friends along the way. I know I speak for our Board and all of our Volunteers and Sponsors of The Army Marathon when I say that even though you personally may have fought just to survive and protect your buddy in the same foxhole, you carried our greatest expectations and our sincerest prayers with you.

So as you pause to celebrate the brave men and women who served this country honorably, we hope you feel our gratitude for your service. Likewise, it our duty as caretakers of this this heartfelt endeavor called The Army Marathon to strive to build it into something that you can be proud of and use it to help our fellow service men and women make a successful transition to become our greatest community leaders of tomorrow.

Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!