Just a week away!

by Mark Shilling

We are now one week away from the Third Annual running of The Army Marathon. This year promises to be the biggest celebration yet for our Heroes right here in Central Texas. All of our supplies are coming in, our volunteers trained up, our emergency responders set to go, and the communities ready to come out and cheer runners from at least 40 different states, converging right here in Central Texas!

We wanted to give you all a sneak preview of this year’s program which will be in every runner’s packet and also available at The Army Marathon Expo. In this program, you will see maps of the course and a listing of all the wonderful sponsors who have made this race possible.

Let’s talk a moment about the sponsors. Every Race Director and Event Organizer knows the importance of sponsors and their generosity. Every Race Director will tell you to please consider doing business with those sponsors. Those sponsors truly understand that not only do they help produce an event, they honor our Heroes by their participation. These folks are dedicated to making sure that our military, our veterans, our law enforcement and fire fighters know that they truly care and not just put it on a billboard to sell more stuff. In times when most companies pull back on sponsorships because of the economy, our sponsors stepped up to prove their patriotism. So please take a moment to stop by their booth at the Expo or Finish Line and say thanks!!

Lastly, here are the final thoughts: Pay attention to the parking maps and traffic control on race day. Bring your organization out to cheer these runners. Have fun!!