The Army Half Marathon FAQ

Registration Questions

  • Is The Army Marathon open to the public?

    Yes! Civilian and military participants are welcome in all events.

  • What are the registration fees?

    The Half Marathon registration through March 31 is $60.00. Thereafter,

    April 1 – September 30         $60.00
    October 1 – November 14         $65.00
    November 15 – December 31      $70.00
    January 1 – February 14        $75.00
    February 15 – February 26      $80.00
    Expo Pricing (February 27-28)      $85.00

  • What do I get for my registration price?

    Each participant receives a shirt and runner’s packet at the Expo, plus the opportunity to pick up last-minute racing merchandise and meet our sponsors and charities. Every finisher (within the stated course time limit) receives a medal. There will be water stops on the course and food and beverages at the finish line. Merchandise and additional vendors will be in the finish line/festival area.

    Date to make sure you get a participant’s shirt in your size: February 3, 2015.

  • May I register in person?

    Not until the Expo, and only then if capacity in your selected event has not been reached. We suggest you register in advance through our online registration system. Register here.

  • May I register on the race day?

    No. There is no race day registration.

  • Do you allow walkers in The Army Marathon Half Marathon?

    Yes, walkers are encouraged as long as they are able to complete the course within the course time limit of four (4) hours.

  • Is there an age limit to be eligible to participate?

    Yes. You must be 16 years of age as of March 1, 2015 to be eligible to register for the half marathon.

  • Is there a limit to field size?

    The Army Marathon Half is limited to 2,000 runners.

  • What are typical race day temperatures in Bell County?

    Temperatures in Bell County generally are moderate. The average low is 42F and the average high is 63F.

  • Could bad weather or other issues cause cancellation of the races?

    Extreme conditions, such as active lightning in the area, ice or snow, could cancel the race. Other situations, such as power outages or County emergencies, could cause delay or cancellation. In the event of any disruption of the event schedule, participants will be notified by Facebook and/or Twitter.

  • What if something happens once the races have started?

    If extreme weather or an emergency situation arises that causes race officials to call the races, participants will be notified on the course by race officials and/or police and emergency personnel. To the extent practicable, participants will be picked up from the course and taken to the finish line area to board buses or directly to the parking areas.

  • If an event is cancelled, will refunds be allowed? What about deferrals to another year?

    No. If the event is cancelled or called due to other emergency condition, no refunds or deferrals will be made.

  • May I switch my registration to another distance?

    If you need to switch, please refer to the instructions on your race confirmation email. All changes must be completed by February 3, 2015. If you are switching to a longer distance race, your credit card will be charged for the difference at the then-current registration price.  If you are moving to a shorter distance race, note that we cannot refund the difference back to you.

  • Can I transfer my registration to another person?

    If you need to transfer, please refer to the instructions on your race confirmation email. All changes must be completed by February 3, 2015. A $10 change fee per transfer will apply. Questions should be emailed to All requests are subject to availability and no refunds of original registration fees will be made.

  • Can I defer my registration to another year?

    We cannot defer registration to a future event.

  • I have been issued orders to deploy, and I have already registered and paid to participate in The Army Marathon. Can I get a refund?

    Refunds will be given to individuals who have deployment orders that will prevent them from participating in the event. Please contact us for requirements and additional details. Requests must be received at The Army Marathon office by February 28, 2015 to receive a refund.

Expo & Packet Pickup

  • When and where is the Expo?

    The Army Marathon III Expo and Packet Pickup will be at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic & Convention Center, 3303 N Third Street, Temple, TX 76501 (on the north side of Temple, just of I-35). [Get Map]

    Hours for the Expo are:
    Friday, February 27 from 1500 hours to 1900 hours
    Saturday, February 28 from 0900 hours to 1800 hours

  • Where and when is on-site registration and packet pick up?

    Registration and runner packets will be available during the Expo on Friday and Saturday, February 27 and 28, 2015. See times above. The Army Marathon regrets that it will be unable to provide race packets following the event.

    There will be no registration on March 1 for any race. In the event of late arrival or accident, preregistered participants seeking bib and packet pickup on Sunday morning must contact (254) 654-3119 BEFORE 1700 HOURS on Saturday, February 28, 2015, to have a bib number assigned. Bib numbers must be picked up prior to 0630 hours at the Information Booth located at the start line in Temple for the half marathon and 5klicks.

  • Do I have to pick up my packet in person?

    Your Army Marathon bib and packet may be picked up by a family member or friend if you give them a copy of your driver’s license and a statement signed by you indicating your permission for them to pick up your items. The Army Marathon cannot be responsible for reissuing a bib number if your bib and packet are not provided to you. No pick up by proxy will be permitted on race morning.

  • What can I expect at the Expo?

    In addition to picking up your bib number and packet, you will be able to view merchandise and services. You can meet our sponsors’ and charities’ representatives and, in general, get set for a great race day.

Race Day

Race Etiquette

The Army Marathon draws a high percentage of first-time runners. For everyone’s safety (and peace of mind), please take a few moments to review the Race Etiquette page. The Golden Rule lives!

  • Where does The Army Marathon Half start and finish?

    The half marathon course is a 13.1 mile race that begins and ends at The Army Marathon finish line on Hilliard Road in Temple, just south of Airport Road. The course is “out and back” from the finish line area to Route 2305 and will turn south over Lake Belton before turning around. The course will include multiple water stops. Please see the course map and information here. 2015 Army Marathon Half Course2015 Course Profile
  • What is the half marathon start time?

    The Half Marathon race will start at 0700 hours in Temple at The Army Marathon finish line. No late or early starts will be permitted. Half marathon and 5klicks race start times are staggered to accommodate finishers and control runners’ entry into the finish line area.
  • Where is parking for the Half Marathon?

    Parking for Half Marathon and 5klicks participants and spectators is near the finish line and festival area at the Pepper Creek Trail parking area, located on the Scott & White campus on Kegley Road, just south of Airport Road in Temple. Shuttle buses will run from the parking lot to the finish line and festival area beginning at 0530 hours and continuing through 1500 hours.

  • Will there be pace groups?

    The Army Marathon will not have official pace groups. Team Red White and Blue will have “Goal Runners” for the full marathon in red shirts with large goal times on the back (for example: “Goal 2:00” for the half marathon). The goal runners are experienced runners and anticipate that their goal times are realistic.

  • Where are the aid stations? What can I expect there?

    The half marathon runners will use the same aid stations as the marathon runners (Water Stops 16-19). Four aid stations will be available on the way to the turnaround point and four on the return. Each water stop will feature water and CeraSport, an electrolyte replacement drink. Each station will be staffed by Scott & White medical personnel. Portable restrooms will be available at each stop. Runners are advised to bring their own energy gels, bars and food. At this time, we cannot guarantee such items will be available on the course.

  • How long will The Army Marathon Half course remain open?

    The half marathon course will remain open for four hours, or until 1100 hours. This time frame represents an 18 minute per-mile pace for the Half Marathon. Runners who have not passed Mile 10 by 1000 hours will be picked up by a race vehicle and transported to the finish line area.

    Important: Since the Half Marathon course finishes in the same area as The Army Marathon, participants need to be mindful that hand cycle athletes and fast marathoners may be racing among them toward the end of the Half Marathon. Please be mindful of all participants – if you need to walk, please walk to the right of the course and let cyclists and runners through on the left. Please take a few moments to review the Race Etiquette page. {Link}

  • How early should I arrive at the race venue?

    The earlier the better! We suggest that Half Marathon runners plan to arrive one hour prior to the Half Marathon 0700 hours start.

  • Are headphones allowed on the course?

    While we cannot completely ban headphones, please be aware that the course runs on some active roads. We ask that all runners be very aware of traffic conditions at all times.

  • Will there be photography along the route?

    Yes, and also at the finish line.

  • What about race timing?

    The Army Half Marathon is timed. Results of the race will be posted periodically in the finish area and online on Sunday afternoon.

  • Gun or chip timing?

    Chip timing will be used for official results.

  • Will there be a clothing/gear drop at the race?

    Yes. At the Expo, you will receive your runner’s bag that will be used as your gear/clothing drop bag. You will be responsible for writing your race bib number on the bag; please do not bring bags (other than the one given to you at the Expo) to the gear drop. Please do not put cell phones, keys, money or other valuables in the gear bags. The Army Marathon cannot be responsible for lost items. For the Half Marathon, there will be a gear/clothing drop near the start/finish line in Temple. Gear check-in will close at 0645 hours.

    Gear bag pick-up in the festival area will close at 1500 hours.

  • Will the clothing tossed by the side of the road or at a water stop be available at lost and found?

    No. The Army Marathon will gather all “found” clothing and donate it to a charity. Your throw-away clothing will be a charitable donation.

  • Can a non-registered participant run with me part of the way as support?

    No. All participants must be registered and have bib numbers assigned by The Army Marathon.

  • Can I push a baby stroller, use a walking stick, roller blades, or take my dog on the course?

    No, they are not permitted on the course.

  • Are there locations along the course where my group can support our runners?

    We love that you want to support the runners! Because the half marathon course will be run along state roads, traffic may be a bit congested in some areas. When choosing a location to cheer on the runners, please consider both your safety and theirs. With that in mind, we suggest the following as great locations:

    •  FM 2271 (some areas will be closed to traffic, so plan to park nearby and walk to the course)
    • Safe areas along Rt 2305 (West Adams Avenue)
    • Anywhere along Westfield Boulevard (from 0700 until approximately 0815 hours)
    • At the start and finish line, of course!

    Please – for your safety – always be aware of the runners. Please be careful not block other runners while cheering for and inspiring yours!

Awards & Festival

  • What will we find at the finish line?

    A great celebration for our runners, their friends and families and most of all the veterans and service members to whom we dedicate this great event. We will announce details as plans are confirmed.

  • Will there be finisher medals?

    Yes, each participant who finishes the half marathon within the stated course time limit of four (4) hours will receive a finisher’s medal.

  • What time is the award presentation?

    The award presentations will begin at 1100 hours for the Overall, Masters and Grand Masters winners for the races. Age Group awards will be available near the results tent.

  • What are the age groups for the awards?

    Half Marathon awards will be given as follows:

    Overall – Men’s and Women’s – first, second and third places.
    Masters (ages 40-59) – Men’s and Women’s – first, second and third places.
    Grand Masters (ages 60+) – Men’s and Women’s – first, second and third places.

    Age Group Awards – Men’s and Women’s in each group – first, second and third places.


  • I have to leave right after I finish. How may I collect my award if I place?

    Any award not collected after The Army Marathon III awards presentation at 1100 hours will be mailed to the address of record for the winner.

  • Will there be finisher certificates?

    Yes! We invite you to review the Results page following the event to find your time and print your certificate.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Email us and we’ll add it to the list.